Create your first project (Full Adder) in VIVADO design suite

Today we will learn how you can create your first project in Vivado design suite.

1. Double click the Vivado icon on your desktop to open it.

2. The following window will appear. Click on create project.

3. the following window will open. Click next.

4. Set your project name and project location. Check the box create project subdirectory.

5. Select the project type. We will be making an RTL project in this tutorial.

6. In the window for Add source, click on create new file.

7.  Select the file type as Verilog. As we will be making a full adder in this project I am naming my file as adder. Select file location local to the project and click OK.

8. Select Target language and Simulator Language as Verilog and click Next.

9.  We are not adding constraint file at this time so skip it and click next.

10. If you have a Xilinx board then at this point you can add it in your project. It can also be changed later. Select your board and click Next.

11.  Click on finish, then a new window will open. Here, you have to name your module and define the input output pins and click OK.

12. Click on your module under the design source tab and edit it.

13. After editing the module as shown in figure, save your design and click on Run synthesis tab to check if your design is synthesizable and has no syntax errors etc. If synthesis is successful, a new window will open to ask if you want to implement your design. For now just cancel it.

14. To check if your adder is working correctly we will simulate our design now. For that purpose click on add source tab and then create a simulation source.

15. Repeat step 7 and create a Verilog file named testfile. The testfile moudule does not have any inputs and output so simply skip it and click finish.


16. Click on the testfile.v under simulation sources and edit it and save it. The code is given below.

17. under the simulation tab, Click on Run Simulation and run behavioral simulation.

18. After the simulation is complete, A window will open showing the simulation results.

Congratulations!!! you have successfully designed and simulated your first project in Vivado.