Installing Virtual Box Version 5.2.22 in windows 10 64 bit

This bog is going to guide new IT users how to install Virtual box version 5.2.22 in Windows 10, 64 bit. Virtual box is an important tool for IT users who want to run multiple Operating system on their single Laptop or Pc. VirtualBox virtualization software is a free software of oracle that allows users to run multiple guest operating systems from a single computer. When you want to experiment with various configurations, Oracle VM VirtualBox can help you with its snapshot feature. This allows you to save the current state of your virtual machine so you can restore it when you need to revert changes you have made.

IF you want to learn how to install VirtualBox version 5.2.2 in windows 10, continue below.

1. Downloading Oracle Virtualbox version 5.2.22 for Windows 10 64 bit

2. Installing Oracle Virtualbox version 5.2.22 in Windows 10 64 bit

After downloading Virtual box from above website double click on it and the following window will appear.



  • Click on Next button to install it.
  • After clicking on next button the following window will appear



During the installation wizard, you’ll get a Network Interfaces warning. Click Next to proceed. If you’re in the process of downloading or copying files and data, this will interrupt your network connection briefly. So, maybe pause the process or wait until you’re done before installing VirtualBox.

  • After clicking on next button the following window will appear on your screen and will ask you through checkboxes to choose option.



  • After selecting options from the above window click on next,
  • After selecting next button the following prompt will appear. When prompted with a message to
  • install (Trust) Oracle Universal Serial Bus, click Install to continue.


  • After clicking on install button the installation will be started and green bar in following window will show you progress of installation.



  • After completion of green Bar  the following window will appear which shows that virtual box is successfully installed.



  • Click on Finish Button to start oracle Virtual Box 5.2.22.
  • After clicking on finish button the following window will appear on your screen which shows that software has been installed and is ready to run.


When you’re done, VirtualBox software will be ready to use and install guest operating systems.