Introduction to Xilinx SDK and a Hello World Example

In this tutorial you will be guided to successfully create an example project on Xilinx SDK.

You will require Xilinx SDK 2018.2 and Zynq ZC-702 board for this tutorial.

  1. Launch Xilinx SDK

  2. Create New Application Project

     3. Enter the name of new project and set:

        a. ZC702 as hardware platform

        b. PS7_cortexa9_0 as Processor

      4. From the templates you can choose various available templates, some of them include ‘Hello World’ which will be used in this tutorial, Lightweight Internet Protocol based communication and Memory Tests.

     5. In Project Explorer, you can see the ‘helloworld.c’ file under src folder.

     6. Now connect the board to PC and Run the application on board. Run it as “Launch on Hardware (System Debugger)”


Congratulations you have successfully built a project on Xilinx SDK