Enterprise Security Monitoring

Enterprise Security Monitoring involves collecting and analyzing information to detect suspicious behavior or intrusions on an enterprise network. It includes the strategies, tools, and process of monitoring enterprise networks against unauthorized access and risks that may infringe the confidentiality, integrity or availability. Networking components like routers, switches, firewalls, servers, and VMs are monitored for fault and performance and evaluated continuously to maintain and optimize their availability. First step for successful monitoring is the performance evaluation of packet capturing of the network. Enterprise security tools like IDS/IPS and firewalls provide higher performance and analytics for SIEM if network packet capturing is optimized and robust.


Speaker 1: img Prof. Dr. Faisal Bashir - Bahria University

Speaker 2: img Mr. Abdul Rasheed Baloch - Information Security Manager - Evamp & Saanga Pvt Limited

Speaker 3: img Mr. Hassan Qadeer - Cyber Security Expert, CRC Lab


Talk 1: Network Security Monitoring Methodologies

Talk 2: Enterprise Application Security Monitoring

Talk 3: Network Security Monitoring -Packet Capturing Perspective

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