Role of Reconfigurable Hardware in Securing Physical Systems

The rapid increase in the malicious activities over the internet network cause security threats. Therefore, the need is to protect computer network from such type of cyber-attacks. The volume of network traffic is increasing exponentially with the passage of time as a result of which, Monitoring, troubleshooting and securing computer networks become a difficult task to execute because of high speed networks. In order to achieve the required processing speed, a reconfigurable hardware (FPGA) is best platform to achieve high throughput by mapping the complex and computationally intensive processes.


Speaker 1: img Dr. Atif Raza Jafri
Dean, Engineering Science Department

Speaker 2: img Dr. Tassadaq Hussain
Affiliated member of Barcelona Supercomputing center Spain
and UCERD Pvt Ltd Islamabad, Faculty at Riphah International

Speaker 3: img Ms. Fatima tu Zahra
Cyber Security Expert


Talk 1: Modern FPGA Architectures and their use in Cyber Security

Talk 2: Parallel Programming and supercomputing for Cyber Security

Talk 3: Existing Hardware Solutions and their limitations in Cyber Security Architecture

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