Intrusion Detection System

Keeping your network safe from intrusion is one of the most vital parts of system and network administration and security. If your network is penetrated by a malicious attacker, it can lead to massive losses for your company, including potential downtime, data breaches, and loss of customer trust. The best way to protect a single computer or a network is to detect attacks before they can cause any damage. To do this, many rely on intrusion detection systems (IDS). IDS monitor and analyze all network activity to detect unusual traffic and inform the user of any unusual activity. With network intruder detection software, understanding what kinds of attacks can be used is critically important for setting up effective prevention.

IDS look for known weaknesses, whether through patterns of known attacks or models of normal behavior. Similar IDS may have identical vulnerabilities, and their selection criteria may miss similar attacks. Knowing how to evade a particular model of IDS is an important piece of intelligence passed within the attacker community.


Speaker 1: img Dr. Nazir Malik
Cyber Security Expert

Speaker 2: img Mr. Muhammad Yasir
Cyber Security Practitioner

Speaker 3: img Mr. Muhammad Asif Riaz
Director Digital Arrays Pvt Ltd | Member Cyber Crime Committee
of FPCCI | Vice Chairman, ICT Technical Committe, PSQCA


Talk 1: Role of Intrusion Detection in NGNs

Talk 2: Limitations of Intrusion Detection in High Speed Networks

Talk 3: Cyber Threat Intelligence Utilization IDS

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